Our Gaurantee:

We gaurantee grass seed germination. If not, we will reapply.

Lawn Conversion

Grass seed is applied in multiple planting zones in your existing lawn. 


The new grass seed will germinate in approximately 10 days. No need to water the grass seed until after germination. After germination, please water the grass seedlings as with any new grass.


The first summer the grass seedlings will grow and establish its root system.

Subsequent summers the new grass will spread.


Typically, it will take a few years for the zoysia grass to establish and be well intertwined in the planting zones.  

We liken this to planting new shrubs or trees, where it will take a few years to establish, grow and take off.

This is a great lower cost option.

New Lawn

Your existing lawn is taken up, raked and smoothed. The prepared soil is hydroseeded with our specific grass seed mixture.

This option allows for faster lawn establishment.


We recommend following your regular lawn care maintenance until your zoysia lawn is established, then adjust accordingly. 

Weed control is important so that the new zoysia has less compitition. 

Bug control is important so that the new zoysia roots are not comprimised by hungry bugs.

Given zoysia grass has lower fertilization requirements than cool season grasses, fertilizer application can be reduced.  This will make it easier for the zoysia to spread through the cool season grasses.

Always a good choice

Enjoy your lawn instead of working on it.